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Check out our yachts for every need!

Would you like to spend a special day only for you and your loved ones that you will not forget during your holiday? If your answer is ‘Yes’, take a closer look at our yachts for an enjoyable day where the route is entirely in your hands!

Standard gulets

Equipped with standard navigation apparatus, these well maintained yachts are suitable for all budgets

Superior Gulets

Ideal for those wanting to charter a yacht with more to offer

Luxury Gulets

Fitted with latest technology devices and offering a luxurious on board living , these are the best available yachts in the region.


For one thing, the gulets we have for you are not your run of the mill yachts.


From standard category to super luxury category, many distinguished gulets of finest quality and features we have in our fleet are the best representatives of their respective categories. Inclusion of gulets in our portfolio is a meticulous and continuous process that we are especially sensitive to. The portfolio created on your behalf has been designed to propose the most suitable gulets in the shortest possible time after contemplating through experience of over 30 years in the Private Gulet Charter sector. We take special pride in constantly updating the information and assistance we provide and adding new vessels to the list each year. Our aim of providing outstanding service to you the distinguished client shows itself from the beginning stage of proposing the most suitable gulets through to organizing of the finest details of a perfect cruising holiday.


Whether you had a Blue Cruise experience previously or this is your first attempt at chartering a private gulet, most of the time the holiday maker finds it a challenge to decide on one particular yacht. Although gulets of our age are constructed using the latest technology, each one is unique due to the fact that they are hand made vessels. The personality of each is created by master craftsman who have an insight into traditional construction techniques. Additionally, the crews that run those superb vessels are just as important as the gulet itself. Along with the technical specifications and design features, crew is an important element of a Private Yacht Charter.


As such, the gulets we promote and propose here to your liking have all been selected under such detailed criterion and been found to be worthy of proposal.


One of our aims is to promote the gulets with the photos from our own archive. We feel that a photograph will always say more than a thousand words and we pay special attention to our visual content.