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Arif Kaptan A

Bedia Sultan

Blue Heaven

Caner IV

Carpe Diem IV

Carpe Diem V

Casa Dell' Arte 2


Dolce Mare

Dragon Fly

Kaya Guneri IV

Kaya Guneri V

Lady Christa

Mare Nostrum

Performance Fee

Perla Del Mare

Kaya Guneri Plus

Zephyria II

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Sometimes boat owners make special offers to promote their cruise sales.

As the agency representing many gulets, we also offer great deals, such as pre-season, end-of-season and last-minute reservation deals at times, depending on when you book the gulet and schedules of our vessels. You can also charter between two reserved cruises where a vacancy is open for 5/6 days, as opposed to a full week.

By simply visiting our website regularly or subscribing to our mailing list, you may come across a great opportunity for a Blue Cruise at an exceptional fee.

We have put together our sample Blue Cruise itineraries of the best routes for the Turkish and Greek waters and the Croatian coast as our suggestions will help you make the most of your Gulet Cruise sailing holiday.

Simply because chartering a private Gulet means you are going to be with your friends or family, no strangers, which is not the case with cabin charters. You may decide your itinerary and food menu. Crew will attend to your wishes and interests only. Besides, private charter Gulets are accustomed to entertaining distinguished guests and celebrities onboard. The professional crew is discreet and confidentiality is an important part of the service offered.


Reservations for the Blue Cruise can be made all year round. The high season is a busy time. So we recommend you to book your Gulet well in advance. Best thing to do is to determine how many passengers will be in your group and the approximate dates you wish to go on your Private Gulet Cruise before you start seeking assistance to book a suitable Gulet. We shall be obliged to assist in planning the rest.

The Gulets we care to include in our portfolio are inspected by the harbor masters on an annual basis. The life jackets, life raft, fire extinguishers and all technical equipment are checked and only after that the Gulets are considered sea worthy. The upper deck is surrounded with hand-rails. A dinghy with outboard engine is ready at all times for emergency situations.
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Below information has been provided in order to make your Private Gulet Charter a superior one and to give you answers about questions you may have in mind. You will find that such questions as what to take with you on board, the seasonal temperatures, weather conditions and many other details are answered herein.