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Gulet Charter is a crewed recreational yachting experience sailing in the Aegean and Mediterranean aboard a locally made classical wooden schooner.


Starting to become popular at the end of 60ies, the term Blue Voyage was first coined by a handful of intellectuals, such as “The Fisherman of Halicarnassus”, pen name of Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı, Turkey’s most environmentally oriented modernist writer who was exiled to Bodrum in 1925. This picturesque little town, birthplace of Herodotus, was a place of banishment for dissident intellectuals. 


Eventually pardoned, he did not leave the town and spent the rest of his life there. In time, “the fisherman” began taking trips on the local sponge divers’ sailing boats, called gulets. The writer was immensely inspired by the local culture and natural beauty of the Bodrum and surrounding coves. The term first appeared in Turkish literature in 1945 after the publication of a book by Azra Erhat.

Enjoyed by many in the bygone on smaller and more humble wooden boats without technology, the Blue Cruise is nowadays experienced aboard modern, luxury gulets using innovative technology.

Initially limited to shorelines of the Aegean and the Mediterranean seas, the Blue Cruise has in time expanded to Greek Islands and the Croatian shores. It is a sea-going voyage offering endless possibilities such as the chance to visit antiquities that can only be reached via the sea, spending inspirational time in serene coves and inlets surrounded by pine forests, swimming in deserted bays and enjoying alfresco meals on deck. The routes can be as short as sailing to a few coves and collecting energy by having idle times or can be as extensive as traveling the entire length of the Turkish Riviera across several weeks or combining Turkish shores and Greek islands.

The sea-goers have the option to enjoy sea sports, go forest walking on land, and discover sleepy antique settlements. Whatever the activity, the time spent in such unparalleled ecosystem will change you positively, forever. The number of our returning clients is a testimony to that.

Blue Fun Yachting team is only a click away to help you plan, fulfil and enjoy your dream holiday aboard the most suitable gulet.

As the author Cevat Şakir Kabaağaçlı says, “Instead of resting in peace somewhere else, come live in peace here”


Before you begin the pleasant journey of choosing the perfect boat for your Private Gulet Charter Turkey holiday with our assistance, we would like to provide you with some general information on chartering a private gulet.


Your general knowledge on a “Blue Cruise “will help us locate the perfect choice for your purposes.


It is necessary to determine the number of passengers in the group, therefore the number of cabins and lay out you need.

What should be the standard of the gulet you wish to charter? Should it be standard, a superior or a luxury class gulet, features of which differ? The answers will help us narrow down the alternatives on your behalf.


The dates are of utmost importance. We strongly advise you to arrange the dates in a way that the embarkation and disembarkation takes place on a Saturday. In principle, our gulets are chartered for a minimum period of one week in the high season of July/August. There may be exceptions and our agency will be happy to inform you on such deals. In the case of a 10 day gulet cruise plan, which cuts the week in two, please consult with us as to availability.


The embarkation hour is normally 3 pm and the disembarkation hour is 10 am. on the last day after breakfast.

The charter fee covers all port and transit log costs in Turkish waters, fuel and lubrication costs for ship’s engine (approximately 4 hours daily motor sailing), ship’s water, laundry, personnel wages, service, drinking water, tea and coffee.  

Extras involved are; port and agency costs, government taxes in Greek waters, fuel used for the water skiing and Jet Ski, costs for food and beverages.


Some gulets can be chartered on full board basis covering the costs for food – and but not the beverages. In that case, we will propose a Standard Menu and a Deluxe menu. For those opting for full board charter, beverages may be purchased on their behalf prior to the cruise and loaded on board by our team.


Almost all of the gulets we have in our flotilla are registered at Bodrum Port. However, clients will have the option to start/finish their tour at any one of Gocek/Fethiye, Marmaris or Antalya ports, depending on the schedule of respective gulet. Please do consult with us in that regard.


Once you decide on a gulet proposed by us, we shall forward a signed Yacht Charter Contract. Once agreed, the deposit mentioned in the contract need to be transferred to our bank account as down payment for final confirmation.


The amount of prepayment is %50 of the total charter fee mentioned in the contract. The balance remaining will be paid once the client embarks.


Distances involved between most popular ports and international airports are given below: